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Introduction to “Out of the Dark”

“Out of the Dark” is a compelling five-piece series that breathes new life into famous baroque and renaissance sculptures by depicting them with modern-day technology. This innovative project, created using AI-generated promptographs, juxtaposes the ancient with the contemporary, challenging viewers to reconsider the relationship between tradition and modernity. Each piece is set in total darkness, with an intense cinematic light casting the statues into sharp relief, symbolizing their emergence from the “dark ages” into the modern era.

In this series, and in all of my work, I strive to create pieces that not only showcase the power of AI but also demonstrate that it is through human imagination that these ideas are brought into reality. Inspired by my own experiences living in a modern age, such as the concept of The Thinker holding a cell phone, I use AI to visually and simply express these ideas with great clarity and impact, blending the old with the new in a meaningful way.

Out of the Dark
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The Concept

The title “Out of the Dark” carries a dual meaning. On one level, it references the physical lighting of the statues, as they are brought out of the darkness and illuminated by modern light. On a deeper level, it signifies the transition from the old (devoid of modern technology) to the new (embracing modern advancements), subtly encouraging the adoption of contemporary ideas and tools, especially AI, which has faced resistance in traditional circles.

The series exemplifies the theme of depicting the old in a new way, using elements of nostalgia, anachronism, and modern technology to create a unique and thought-provoking aesthetic.

The Pieces

1. Out of Sight: David with a VR Headset

“Out of Sight” features Michelangelo’s David wearing a VR headset. This piece symbolizes the merging of classic beauty and cutting-edge technology, suggesting that even the most timeless masterpieces can be enhanced and reinterpreted through modern innovation. The VR headset signifies a new way of seeing the world, one that transcends traditional boundaries and opens up infinite possibilities. Learn more about Michelangelo’s David.

"Out of Sight" from the Out of the Dark series by Jason M. Allen

2. Out of Mind: The Thinker with a Cell Phone

“Out of Mind” reimagines Rodin’s The Thinker, but instead of contemplating, he is engrossed in his cell phone. This powerful image reflects the pervasive influence of technology on our lives, often at the expense of deep thought and reflection. It speaks to the modern condition where constant connectivity can lead to a disconnection from our own minds and ideas. Read more about Rodin’s The Thinker.

"Out of Mind" from the Out of the Dark series by Jason M. Allen

3. Out of Space: Venus de Milo with a Space Helmet

“Out of Space” depicts the Venus de Milo adorned with a space helmet. This piece ties into the Space Opera Theater series, symbolizing the exploration of new frontiers and the timeless human desire to venture into the unknown. The space helmet represents a fusion of classical beauty and futuristic aspirations, highlighting the continuity of human curiosity and ambition. Explore more about Venus de Milo.

"Out of Space" from the Out of the Dark series by Jason M. Allen

4. Out of Time: Dying Gaul with a Smartwatch

“Out of Time” shows the Dying Gaul checking his smartwatch in his final moments. This profound image captures the fleeting nature of time and the juxtaposition of ancient struggle with modern trivialities. The smartwatch serves as a poignant reminder of how technology pervades even the most personal and significant aspects of our lives, often reducing profound experiences to mere notifications. Discover the history of The Dying Gaul.

Out of Time: The Dying Gaul with a Smartwatch

5. Out of Apples: Venus Victrix with a Laptop

“Out of Apples” humorously reimagines the Venus Victrix sculpture, replacing her traditional apple with an Apple laptop. This piece plays on the symbolism of the apple, both as a classical motif and as a modern technological icon. The title “Out of Apples” adds a whimsical touch, contrasting with the more serious tones of the other pieces and highlighting the playful yet thought-provoking nature of the series. Find out about Venus Victrix by Canova.

Out of Apples: Venus Victrix with a Laptop


“Out of the Dark” is a thought-provoking exploration of the intersection between classical art and modern technology. Through these reimagined sculptures, the series invites viewers to reflect on the evolution of human creativity and the potential of contemporary advancements. It challenges traditional norms, encouraging a harmonious blend of the old and the new, and prompting a reconsideration of how we engage with both art and technology in the modern age.

This project not only showcases artistic innovation but also serves as a subtle commentary on the resistance to change within traditional frameworks. By bringing these statues “out of the dark,” the series advocates for embracing the light of modernity and the endless possibilities it offers.

Ultimately, “Out of the Dark” underscores the vital role of human imagination in harnessing the power of AI. The unique concepts behind each piece stem from personal experiences and contemporary life, transforming timeless sculptures into modern icons. This blend of historical reverence and technological prowess exemplifies how creative vision and advanced tools can together illuminate new paths in art.

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“Out of the Dark” Series

This artwork is part of the “Out of the Dark” series, a collection of five pieces created by Jason M. Allen. These works are intended as transformative parodies, offering commentary on the intersection of classical art and modern technology.

Parody and Fair Use Statement

The “Out of the Dark” series features a modern twist on the classical statue Venus Victrix, depicting her with an Apple laptop instead of the traditional apple. This work is a parody, designed to humorously and critically engage with contemporary themes and the pervasive influence of technology in our daily lives.

Trademark Notice

Apple and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. This artwork is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or affiliated with Apple Inc. The use of the Apple logo is intended as a parody, protected under the principles of fair use and free expression.

Artistic Intent

The “Out of the Dark” series aims to provide artistic and cultural commentary. It should be viewed as an independent art piece that offers a new perspective on familiar symbols through creative expression. By merging elements from different eras, this series invites viewers to reflect on the evolving nature of beauty, innovation, and cultural values.

Contact Information

For inquiries or more information about the “Out of the Dark” series, please contact jm*****@ar**********.com.

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