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by | Wednesday, October 25th, 2023 | News | 1 comment

Thank you for your interest in supporting this very critical mission in the advancement of copyright protection for AI artists. I’m Jason M. Allen, CEO and founder of Art Incarnate, and it is my mission to set a precedent for procuring the rights to copyright Generative Artificial Intelligence works. Currently, the U.S. Copyright Office is denying the right to claim copyright protection for one’s own generated art. The U.S. Copyright Office has denied Copyright protection to AI-assisted works on the basis that generative AI works do not entail “significant human authorship.” This is a lie. Any image generated through AI software requires a human to enter a prompt. Without human interaction with the AI program, there is no image.

In my attempts to copyright my own work, the Copyright Office issued a statement that it is “clear that it was Midjourney – not Mr. Allen – that produced this image.” This is a false assertion at worst, or an unsubstantiated argument at best. Denying the importance of human vision and a high level of creativity to develop a prompt that will produce a work of art through Generative AI makes it apparent they do not understand the technology.

Without ownership of our creations, artists who use AI tools have no legal protection, no authority over our work, and any image that we make public is available for anyone to steal without compensation or credit.

At Art Incarnate, we have begun the fight to secure legal ownership rights for artists who do understand this technology. AI has the potential to revolutionize and revitalize art. Where art was once an instrument to challenge worldviews and bring into question the status quo, artists, and now even regulatory bodies, have become complicit in the stifling of progress in the defense of the commoditization of art. At Art Incarnate, however, the very essence of its establishment was founded within the controversy of challenging worldviews, challenging the status quo, and even challenging the copyright office.

We believe Your Vision Creates Reality™, and with your support, together we can create the momentum needed to bring to bear the necessary arguments to rightly recognize creative users of any tool, regardless of how advanced, as the rightful authors of the works they actively choose to create. It’s a matter of arguing that generative AI fits well within the other tools used to create artistic works that are entitled to Copyright protection under already established case law.  We plan to further elucidate this issue in an appeal through the Federal court system.

Your donation now is critical to the future of ownership of your work, and your support is crucial for a successful outcome. We must come together to set the precedent for ownership of our work and for the future of technology. As an industry leader, your contribution will drive positive change for AI artists now and those to come.

Take action now and be a part of the change to help move this crucial mission forward. I assure exclusive transparency on how the funds will be used and progress tracking on the efforts.

Thank you for your support.

Ad Astra,

Jason M. Allen

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  1. Willie Cummings

    I’m needing to reach Mr Jason M Allen to assist me in bringing my Poster Billboard Draft to A I Generator Life.. please assist, Mr Cummings 904 206-0070 ca*************@gm***.com Thank You PLEASE!!


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