Special Release

Renowned Artist Jason M. Allen Launches “Space Opera Theater” Limited Edition Prints Amid Second Copyright Refusal

Theatre D'opera Spatial Limited Edition - Press Release

Timed-Release offering Details:

Launch: September 13th, 2023, 11AM Mountain Time

Duration: 48 hours – offering ends at 11AM September 15th, 2023, 

Title: Théâtre d’Opéra Spatial

Dimensions: 48 inches by 28 inches

Material: Museum Quality Hahnemühle 350GSM fine art paper, pigment print

Finish: Custom Varnish, Art Incarnate Seal Embossed

Limited Edition Features: Hand-numbered, titled, and signed by Jason M. Allen

Price: $500.00 USD + Shipping

Denver, CO – September 1, 2023

As the saga of AI-assisted art and copyright continues, digital artist Jason M. Allen responds with a bold step forward. Celebrating the defiance of creation despite legal challenges, Art Incarnate announces the timed-release of limited edition prints from the contested work, “Theatre D’Opera Spatial,” available exclusively for 48 hours starting 11am Mountain time on September 13th, 2023.

Crafted on museum quality Hahnemühle 350GSM fine art paper and measuring 40inx28inch with a 2 inch internal white border, each print will be embossed with Art Incarnate’s company seal. Every piece will be hand-numbered, titled, and signed by Jason M. Allen in archival pencil. “Despite barriers and resistance, creativity flourishes,” Allen remarked. “Regardless of the U.S. Copyright Office’s stance, I won’t be silenced. This release is more than art—it’s a statement.”

The second refusal from the U.S. Copyright Office reaffirms its position on Allen’s AI-assisted artwork, deeming it ineligible for full copyright protection. Despite his significant creative input and vision, the U.S. Copyright Office has maintained that the piece contains an “appreciable amount of AI-generated material” and is thus ineligible for full copyright protection. In the face of this decision, Allen and attorney Tamara Pester submitted a Second Request for Reconsideration. They continue their pursuit for acknowledgment of AI-assisted works under copyright law.

“Our hope is that the Copyright Office, and if necessary, the Federal Courts all the way up to the Supreme Court, will acknowledge the significant human creativity and decision-making involved in works assisted by AI tools,” said Pester.

Art enthusiasts should also anticipate a forthcoming online auction later this year, exclusively featuring a 1 of 1 luxury offering of “Theatre D’Opera Spatial,” aimed at supporting the ongoing legal battle. Stay tuned to Art Incarnate’s official channels for details.

For a chance to own a piece of this defiant artistry, interested buyers are encouraged to visit https://artincarnate.com/ on the day of the release.

For further inquiries, please contact:

Tamara Pester, Attorney, ta****@tm***.com, (303) 333-4696

Jason M. Allen, Latent Space Explorer, jm*****@ar**********.com, (719) 930-3283


About Jason M. Allen:

Jason M. Allen is a distinguished digital artist known for pushing boundaries and exploring the intersection of technology and creativity. His innovative approach challenges conventions and serves as a catalyst for dialogues about AI’s role in creative processes.

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