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Perseids Earthbound – A Space Opera Theater Limited Edition

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Perseids Earthbound - Limited Edition Timed Release

Perseids Earthbound

Release Date
July 17, 2024
11:00 AM Mountain Time

$400 + shipping

“The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.”
― Psalm 19:1

Celestial Splendor

“Perseids Earthbound” captures the awe-inspiring beauty of the Perseids meteor shower, a celestial event that transforms the night sky into a tapestry of light and wonder. This landscape-format masterpiece presents an ethereal scene where the heavens meet the earth, inviting viewers to witness the grandeur of the cosmos.

The Majestic Sky

Dominating the upper half of the painting, a star-studded sky is alive with streaks of meteors, each trail a fleeting moment of brilliance. The moon, luminous and serene, presides over this celestial ballet, its glow softly illuminating the vast expanse. The interplay of blues, purples, and whites creates a dynamic canvas that is both vibrant and tranquil, embodying the mystery and majesty of the night.

The Earth’s Embrace

Below the celestial display, the landscape mirrors the sky’s serenity. Misty hues of pink and lavender blanket the earth, suggesting a world at peace, embraced by the night. The terrain, with its gentle undulations and soft edges, feels almost dreamlike, as if the boundary between earth and sky has blurred, uniting them in a harmonious embrace.

The Lone Observer

In the foreground, a solitary figure stands on a rocky outcrop, silhouetted against the glowing sky. This character, gazing upward, embodies the human spirit’s eternal quest for understanding and connection with the cosmos. Their presence adds a poignant layer to the scene, suggesting a moment of personal reflection and awe in the face of the universe’s vastness.

The Dance of Light

The falling meteors, like celestial dancers, add a sense of movement and energy to the painting. Their bright streaks contrast beautifully with the stillness of the moon and the calm landscape, creating a dynamic tension that draws the viewer’s eye across the entire scene. The light, both natural and celestial, bathes the scene in a gentle glow, highlighting the delicate balance between motion and stillness.

Perseids Timed-Release

On July 17th, at 11:00 AM MT, seize the opportunity to own “Perseids Earthbound,” a breathtaking piece where art and the cosmos converge. Each 40×27 inch print, crafted on museum-quality Hahnemühle 308 GSM fine art paper, is framed by a 1.5-inch internal white border and adorned with the Art Incarnate seal. This limited edition print, personally hand-titled, numbered, and signed by me, Jason M. Allen, captures the ethereal beauty of the universe, bringing it right into your home.

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