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Voyage to the Shadowed Sun

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An art project showing an eclipsed sun with flares all around. There is a ship on a turbulent sea, appearing to sail directly towards the giant eclipsed sun.

Voyage to the Shadowed Sun

Release Date
April 8, 2024
12:27 PM Mountain Time

$300 + shipping

As for me, I am tormented with an everlasting itch for things remote. I love to sail forbidden seas, and land on barbarous coasts.”
Herman Melville, Moby-Dick or, The Whale

The Cosmic Phenomenon
“Voyage to the Shadowed Sun” unveils a spectacle where celestial grandeur meets the untamed spirit of the sea. At the heart of this landscape-format masterpiece, a total eclipse asserts its dominance on the left, a breathtaking cosmic event captured in exquisite detail. Its feathery corona, illuminated in tones of gold and yellow, contrasts sharply against the somber greys and blues of the sky and ocean, creating a scene that is both awe-inspiring and hauntingly beautiful.

The Ocean’s Majesty
Beneath this celestial marvel, the ocean mirrors the tumult of the skies. It is not merely a body of water but a dynamic character in its own right, shimmering with the eclipse’s reflected glory. This is an ocean that speaks of journeys untold, of tales swallowed by its depths. The gold and yellow shimmers amidst the greys, like whispers of hope and tales of valor, lost and found within its embrace.

The Gallant Vessel
To the right, a galleon, weathered and seemingly on its last voyage, sails headlong towards the eclipse. This ship, roughshod yet resolute, embodies the determination to reach the unreachable. It sails not away from the eclipse but towards it, as if the celestial event were a portal to realms unknown, a gate to salvation or doom yet to be decided. The lighting, reflecting off the ship and the ocean, adds a mystical quality to the scene, suggesting a journey that is as much spiritual as it is physical.

The Lone Voyager
Amidst the ocean’s expanse, under the eclipse’s watchful eye, a lone figure makes a poignant statement on human endurance and vulnerability. Cast away or by choice, this individual faces the vastness, separated from the ship yet connected to the larger narrative of exploration and risk. This subtle depiction invites contemplation on the essence of adventure and the price of ambition.

Eclipse Exclusive Event!

On April 8th, as the shadow of the eclipse graces the Earth, we also celebrate the launch of an exclusive, limited-time event. For 24 hours, starting at 12:27 PM MT, you will have the unique opportunity to acquire “Voyage to the Shadowed Sun,” a masterpiece born from the convergence of art and the cosmos. Crafted on museum-quality Hahnemühle 308 GSM fine art paper, each 40×27 inch print, surrounded by a 1.5-inch internal white border and embossed with Art Incarnate’s seal, is a testament to the ethereal beauty of space and the wonder of our universe. Each Limited Edition print is hand-titled, numbered, and signed by Jason M. Allen.


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