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Elevate Your Artwork with Art Incarnate‘s Custom Varnish


At Art Incarnate, we believe in not only creating but also preserving the exquisite beauty of each artwork. Our custom varnishing process is designed to enhance and protect your cherished prints, ensuring they stand the test of time.

Informational Description:

Why Opt for Varnishing?

Protection Against Aging: Our varnish forms a protective barrier against environmental factors like dust, moisture, and UV rays, significantly extending the life of your print.
Enhanced Visual Depth: Varnishing adds a layer of depth and richness, making colors more vibrant and details more pronounced.
Increased Durability: The varnish makes the surface more resistant to scratches and scuffs, ideal for handling and framing.
Customized to Complement: Tailored to suit the unique characteristics of Hahnemühle 308 gsm fine art paper, our varnish is carefully selected to ensure it complements the paper’s texture without compromising its natural feel.
Optional and Cost-Effective: Opting for varnishing is completely at your discretion. While it adds an additional cost to your purchase, it’s an investment in the longevity and aesthetic quality of your artwork.


Change in Texture: Varnishing alters the surface texture of the paper, adding a slight sheen and changing the tactile feel.
Long-Term Commitment: Once applied, varnish cannot be removed without potentially damaging the print. It’s a long-term enhancement.

Whether your art is displayed in a gallery, office, or home, our custom varnish ensures it remains a captivating and durable piece for years to come.

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